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Atmo was created by repeat AI founders to bring the best of Deep Learning to meteorology worldwide.



Empower government leaders to protect and enrich their citizens with superior weather prediction.

It is happening now. Climate change will transform the world's weather throughout this century. The only path forward is rapid response and adaptation, powered by a vision of the future that sees further and better.

Meteorology must improve faster. Weather prediction has advanced slowly but surely - a few points of accuracy each year. This is no longer enough. Daily weather shocks show that even our best systems must now learn at the speed of climate change.

Meteorology must become universally accessible. Today, a handful of countries posses most of humanity's advanced weather computers and models. A world of meteorology haves and have-nots dooms billions to weather catastrophes, and is not morally or practically acceptable.

AI-based weather prediction systems provide a long-term strategic solution to these problems. By leveraging the best of Deep Learning methods, the cost of national meteorology can be decreased while simultaneously increasing performance.


Atmo's founding AI research showed that the rate of meteorology improvement could rise 10X, and operating costs drop 90%.

The results are first-of-a-kind systems that will put beyond-state-of-the-art weather forecasting in the hands of every community worldwide.

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Johan Mathe
Chief Technology Officer

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